Chaintech Apogee FlashSSD A-series 64GB

Testing & conclusion


Testing was done using the following system:

AMD Phenom II X4 955
Asus M4A785TD-M EVO
4x2GB DDR3 1333MHz
2x1TB Hitachi HDD (in RAID)
AMD Radeon 4890 1024MB

We used crystaldiskmark to test the performance of our disk. Crystaldiskmark reads and writes to the disk using various piecesizes making it extremely good test program to get a good idea how the test subject performs in different situations. Our test methods will only show us the write and read performances of the disk using different piece sizes. Something to keep in mind is, that eventho you can achieve faster read and write speeds using fast hard disks in RAID setup, the latency and seek times will be longer. Therefore in day-to-day use SSD feels faster than the normal hard disk.

We can see a clear pattern here. With sequential reading test our RAID made from two hard disks is superior against the SSD. However, the smaller the piece sizes get, the larger the margin between SSD and hard disks will get – in favor of SSD. Also in real life tests – as the data is most likely scattered around your hard disk / SSD, the SSD will feel way faster than normal hard disk.

We can clearly see the same pattern in write tests too. While hard disks manage to be over two times faster in sequential writing, the margin with 512k pieces is only 10MB/s and with smaller pieces the SSD is over 15 times faster. While Chaintech SSD can’t compete in raw writing / reading power, it has benefits of feeling way faster than normal hard disks. Thanks to awesome writing and reading speeds with small piece sizes!


Prices of SSD disks have dropped radically during the past year. We have finally come to point when buying it is reasonable and even the cheap disks give good performance. Chaintech Apogee SSD gave us good performance in general use –  although it lost to our RAID stack in raw transfer power. However, during the test period our computer felt way faster in general use using the SSD than with the normal hard disks, thanks to fast seeking times. SSD disks has a very bright future and I can recommend these for anyone who wants to maximize their battery time in laptops, wants fast operating system disk, or just wants to make their computer as silent as it can be.

+ Silent
+ Fast seeking times
+ Good general performance

– Raw transfer speed

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