Speedlink VOIP Mouse

Introduction Today’s product must be one of the oddest things we have reviewed ever- and I’ve seen a lot! We are going to take a look at Speedlinks VOIP mouse, this little mouse is the size of a laptop mouse and it opens up to be a corded Skype Phone. You can either receive calls […]

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VoIP USB Skype Call Forward Box

Introduction These days phone companies are starting to realize it’s time for them to start putting some effort into providing cheap phonecalls through VOIP. The time has ended for having expensive phone lines and paying outrageous per-minute costs to call your relatives or friends. With todays software like Skype and MSN alot of people are […]

Topcom Butler 4012 VOIP/Dect phone

Introduction Why did I get this product? Well our cat was so very nice and chewed the cables to our old VOIP phone and as my wife uses Skype alot to call America with I had to get a new one. As it happened I open the new ads and saw this Topcom Butler phone […]

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Eksitdata VOIP (Skype) USB phone

Introduction We see more and more people canceling their phone numbers and starting to use Skype and similar programs out there. For these programs special phones have been thrown into the market, personally I even got myself a cordless one which saves me quite a bit of money, but today we have a USB phone […]