Aoc D2757Ph 3D Monitor

Looking for a cheap 3D gaming monitor? AOC has made monitors as long or even longer than I have been in the business and they have always made quality products at a lower price. This passive 3D monitor has some nice looking features but will it perform well enough? About AOC: Read more about AOC […]

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AOC I2757FM LED IPS Screen

Need a new monitor? AOC has released a very nice 27 inch  LED IPS screen with the modelnumber AOC 12757FM. This new IPS screen has some cool features like HL™ interface (Mobile High-Definition Link) high-resolution photos, videos and games that can be displayed directly from a smartphone or tablet PC and ECO mode. Lets find […]

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AOC E2251FWU USB Monitor

Today we are taking a look at a new monitor from AOC that is USB powered. Our concerns are that if this unit is able to play fast games, what type of picture quality can we expect, etc… so let’s get on with this review. About: Read more on their website, Specifications: LINE: Monitor Line […]

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AOC D2357Ph Passive 3D Monitor

3D is the latest trend and today we are looking at a 3D screen from AOC; who is also one of our new sponsors. AOC’s d2357Ph is an incredibly thin monitor with LED backlighting, a Full HD resolution and the ability to display passive 3D images. What kind of 3D quality can we expect from it? […]

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LG W2340 23″ Monitor

W2340 Specifications and Features Today we take a look at the LG W2340 23″ LCD Monitor from This monitor boasts full HD native resolution, a 70000:1 contrast ratio, HDMI input, and something called “EZ Control.” Is this monitor worth the $180 asking price, or does it fall flat? Continue reading to find out! Please […]

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Geeks Soyo Pearl 24″ LCD Monitor

First thoughts on the Soyo Pearl Monitor Sometimes it’s more important to choose a high-quality product that suits your needs rather than choosing the largest, more expensive one. Today, we will be testing that theory when we examine a monitor that sent us: the Soyo 24” Pearl LCD monitor. While other computer monitors out […]

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Asus VW266H Monitor

Fist look at the VW266H In need of a new monitor? Then take a closer look at this monitor with its 26 inches and full HD resolution! At first glance it seems to be a pretty nice monitor and knowing Asus their prices are not very high either which is always a plus. A HDMI […]

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Asus VK246H LCD Monitor

First Look at the Asus VK246H Our flat screens keep growing in size all the time and today a 22 inch monitor is almost standard for the normal user while the hardcore gamers are even higher up at 24 inch. Todays review will be on a 24 inch monitor from Asus. This new VK246H seems […]

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22″ HP Debranded DVI Widescreen LCD Monitor w/USB Hub & Speakers

First Toughts Today more and more change monitors to the latest LCD monitors on the market, even the 19 inch screens are soon to small as the people choose the bigger 22 and 24 inch monitors to have enough work area. Geeks has a huge selection of various LCD screens and today we are going […]

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Zalman Trimon ZM-M220W Monitor

Introduction Zalman is mostly known from their high quality cooling solutions, but during the last months Zalman has expanded their product range to cover also other interesting products. New products are FG1000, their new mice, and couple of innovative monitors. It is true, that display markets are full of products, which differ only a little […]

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