Sunbeam Night Magic, Lazerled, Led Projector

Introduction Well Sunbeam is a well known company on the modding market these days, and today we have a few “flashy” products from them on our test bench. There is the already known Lazerled but also the Night magic and Led projector which are new products from them. If you want to ”flash up” your […]

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Sunbeam Minibaybus

Introduction Have you ever thought of getting rid of a bunch of extender cables etc out of your case? Well this product might help you with it! We got a Minibaybus from Sunbeam for testing and you just plug in your molex connector and power this up and it gives you four connectors you can […]

Sunbeam Thumbscrews

Introduction Thumbscrews are usually included with cases these days but some manufacturers have started to make shaped thumbscrews to give your case a more special look. We have three different thumbscrews from Sunbeam which have three different motives that we will give you a short review on today. About Sunbeam: Sunbeam Company , launched as […]

Mutantmods from Startech

Introduction Well you have seen tons of reviews on different modding products and we have a few more modding products here also that we thought we should share our thoughts on. Mountainmods sent us a bunch of their modding products that we have put into one review so you can easily go through it and […]

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Sunbeam Lightbus, Chameleon, Led fan and CCFL

Introduction Well today we take a look at a bunch of modding products from Sunbeam. We will test them out and see how well they work and if they stand out from the thousands of other modding products out there on the market. We have some interesting fan controllers and CCFL to look at tonight. […]

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Flexiglow Reactive neon

Introduction We have a pretty cool looking product on the test bench today. We will look at some UV reactive Neon paint. Flexiglow sent us this for a review and we will test it out on a keyboard to see if we can get some kind of action out of it. About Flexiglow: Flexiglowtm is […]

Vantec Pci slot covers and Spectrum fan card

Introduction We have two new products from Vantec today. We will look at their Spectrum fan card which gives better air circulation in the case, and some PCI slot covers that cover your PCI slots from getting dusty and mailfunctioning. Do these products work? Well that’s what we are here to figure out. About Vantec: […]

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Sunbeam fan grills and thumb screws

Introduction Today it’s time to look at some mod products again. This time we have some fan grills and thumb screws from Sunbeam. We will look closer into the quality and see how they look installed. Let’s get started. About Sunbeam: Sunbeam Company, launched as a promising new company in the field of optoelectronics in […]

Lamps Electronics modding supply roundup

Introduction Lately everyone has been throwing cold cathodes at their computers, but what about our old friend the Light Emitting Diode (L.E.D.)? Well today I�m going to be looking at 3 LED based products by �Lamps Electronics�. The product: Please click on thumbnails to get bigger pictures Three products arrived on my doorstep, Blue �Lazer� […]

Sunbeam dancing light

Introduction Dancing disco light for your case. This will be very interesting to see 🙂 Xpcases sent us this great product that is a Sunbeam product. We will look closer into how this little gadget works and if it really is a good addition for your mode project. About Sunbeam: Sunbeam Company , launched as […]