MSI GT60 Gaming laptop review

Gaming laptops and ultrabooks are the latest when it comes to laptop technology these days. Ultrabooks are for people wanting a light portable laptop while gaming laptops are for gamers and people that want a powerhouse. We recieved a sample of MSI’s latest gaming laptop named the GT60 that we are going to talk about […]

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Asus UL50-V Laptop

Features Today it’s time once again to take a look at a product from Asus. Today we got their latest laptop named UL50-V that seems to be a mid range laptop with a price around 800$. It has some neat features like a long battery time, slim build, and a very exclusive looking case so […]

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Asrock ION 330HT-BD Nettop

ON 330HT Specifications & Features Today we are taking a look at a very SMALL HTPC from Asrock, they sent us a sample of their ION 300HT-BD where the BD stands for a Bluray Drive so we can use Bluray on this small HTPC. It seems quite competetive towards its competitors with good features and very small […]

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Asus Pro61s Laptop

First look at the Asus Pro61s Today it´s once again time for a laptop review, Asus sent us a sample of their brand new Pro61s laptop. With features as a Cire T5850 cpu, N Wifi, 16 inch screen, and 4570 videocard this really seems to be a killer. We are going to look at the […]

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Asus 901 Eee PC

Introduction Today´s hottest thing is the new ultra portable EEE laptops from Asus. Alot of companies have started to manufacture similar products but Asus is still leading in the market. What can we expect from this small little “laptop”, can we game with it or it is just for surfing the net or working? Let´s […]

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Asus U6V Laptop

Introduction Asus are well known for their high quality products which range all the way from coolers to laptops. This is the first time we are going to test a laptop from Asus and we got their last super portable U6V model which has a smaller screen to make it more portable but it still […]

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