TomTom Hands Free car kit for the iPhone

Today we are taking a look at a hands free car kit for the iPhone. TomTom has released this new kit just before the iPhone 5 was released so it has now support for 5 at this point. Some interesting and noteworthy features are that you can hook up an external mic to get better […]

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t-Jays Four headset

Jays are well known on the earphone market these days, we reviewed their first earphones when they started and have been taking a look at their products from time to time. We got a sample of the t-Jays Four headset today that aims towards the iPad and iPhone users. This headset comes with features as […]

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TomTom iPad and iPhone app

Today it’s time to take a look at a iPhone and iPad app which this time comes from TomTom. We are looking at the latest version of their famous GPS program. How good does it work? Will we be able to find any errors? What kind of features does it have? Well lets not waste […]

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FridgePad for iPad

The iPad follows most of its users all over the house, the main problem we have found is that we don’t have anywhere safe to set it in the kitchen. It either gets dirty or is to far away when you are cooking. Woodforddesign has found a solution for this, they have made a FridePad […]

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a-JAYS Four

Jays is well known here in Sweden for their high quality earphones, they have now released a-Jays four which is a iPhone heaset/earphones. The question is; have they managed to combine both a headset and been able keep the sound quality of their previous earphones? About Jays: Read more on Jays website, Specifications: Driver […]

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Aim iPair

Have you ever wanted to listen to music from your iPhone or iPad at the same time as your friend does? Don’t think one of those adapters is enough? iPair has made a product that makes it possible to have two listen at one phone at the same time and this device also boosts the […]

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Luxa2 Ph3 iPhone cover

As more and more people get iPhones more and more covers and accessories pop up on the market. Luxa2 a sister company to Thermaltake are known for their more exclusive products and today we are taking a look at their shot of a iPhone cover. We are going to compare it vs some name brand […]

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Luxa2 Multifunction Pa5 iPad case

Luxa2 Pa5 features Todays review will be on the Luxa2 Pa5 iPad case that is made out of calf leather. This is a multifunction case with space for creditcards etc, this really might be a good choice for business men/women on the move. We are going to put this case up against a couple of […]

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Targus Crave Slipcase for iPad

Crave Features The iPad is one of the hottest tech gadgets on the market right now and more and more tablets are making the market. Targus have jumped on the bandwagon and started making bags and sleeves for the iPad. We recieved their Crave bag that we are going to look at today. It has […]

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Alphabet – Learn and Play

Our thoughts on the app Children usually show an interest between 4-6 for learning to read and write. Our 5 year old son is now at that point, he also loves the ipad and we found this application that combines both of his interests. The app is called ‘Alphabet Fun’. When you click on the […]