Lowepro LP34711-0AM Black Ridge 10 Camera Case

We rarely review something we have bought ourselves, in the last 5 years I think we have gone through maybe 3 products, but once in awhile you find products that might be cheap or expensive but they all got something special. Today we are taking a look at a compact little camera case from Lowepro […]

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Kodak EasyShare M341

Kodak EasyShare M341 Introduction Digital cameras have become the norm for almost all home consumers. While most of us do not have $2500 to drop on a Cannon EOS 5D DSLR, we can afford something better than the cameras built into our phones. Geeks offers cheap digital cameras so, today we are reviewing the Kodak […]

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Hawking HomeRemote Pro Wireless Video Camera

Toughts on the Hawking Video Camera Recently we had the change to check out Hawking’s HomeRemote Pro Home Automation Starter Kit and were impressed by the easy installation and intuitive user interface. As mentioned, there are a number of add-on accessories to this system, and today we’ll take a look one such item, the Hawking […]

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Geeks Kodak Zi6 Digital Video HD Camera

Geeks Kodak Zi6 Pocket Camera Specifications Like digital still cameras, digital video cameras are becoming smaller yet more capable. Many companies now offer video cameras that can record with HD quality yet also can fit in your pocket. But can these pocket cameras produce decent video, and are they all alike? Geeks.com, popular online retailer, […]

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Geeks Digital Photo Frame

Introduction In case you haven�t noticed, digital cameras are everywhere, ranging for large professional models to tiny ones that fit on your cell phone.Odds are, if you own one, you have a bunch of digital photos but haven�t gotten around to printing them, which is expensive and time consuming.Geeks.com, popular online retailer, sent us a […]

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Trust Dv 3400v Power cam video

Introduction A small digital video camera is what we can sum this review up with. We have a digital video camera from Trust tonight that we will take a closer look at. It’s their latest 3MP DV 3400V Power cam which seems to be a decent camera, both sizewise and pricewise also. We will look […]

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Trust 1220s powerc@m

Introduction It’s time for a digital camera review again here at rbmods. We got a nice sample of a new Trust digital camera on the test bench. We have their 1220s Powerc@m which seems on paper seems to be a very nice digital camera. It seems to have the features a camera should have these […]

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Trust 735s digital camera

Introduction We reviewed a Trust camera awhile back that gave alot of camera for a small amount of money. Today we are having a look at a even smaller camera. Will it be able to take good enough pictures even for the picky dude? Well let�s have a look and see what we got here […]

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Trust 910z digital camera

Introduction My first camera review is now starting and I’m really excited since this is a product from a well know company called Trust. They sent me their new 910Z modell which seem to have good featurs as we can see below this. 5.0 Mpixel, CCD optical sensor with advanced 3 x optical zoom lens […]

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Eksitdata mini digital camera

Introduction Digital cameras are getting smaller and smaller. And they still have the good picure quality. Today we are taking a look at a digital camera from Eksitdata which also has a built in webcam. We are looking closer on how good it performs and how little it really is! Specs on the cam 2″ […]

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