NZXT Cryo X60 Laptop Cooler

We have looked at some laptop coolers from NZXT in the past and today we have one of their more expensive models named Cryo X60. This seems to be a quite powerful unit with USB ports which others might be lacking. We are going to compare it vs the Cryo V60 and Cryo E40, lets […]

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NZXT Cryo V60 Bladeless laptop cooler

Did you see those fans Dyson was promoting a year ago or so? Bladeless fans, well NZXT has made something similar by releasing a bladeless laptop cooler. The Cryo V60 has no visible fans and no fanblades you are going to have to worry about, but how well does it work? About NZXT: Want to […]

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NZXT Cryo E40

Laptops get better and better all the time but it all comes with a cost. Faster hardware usually means more heat produced and todays laptops can get very hot, especially the high performing batterys. This is something that a lot of manufacturers have noticed and released various laptop coolers, some better than others of course. […]

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NZXT Fan Roundup

Recently, NZXT Shot us over a small snapshot of their vast enthusiast fan portfolio.  Let’s take a peek at what they have to offer in the air cooling department. About NZXT: NZXT, a company built upon gamer’s dreams, hopes to create products that put consumers first. With the objective of designing unique products catered for […]

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Noctua NF-B9, NF-P12, NF-R8 Fans

Late last year we took a look at an interesting 120mm PWM fan from Noctua. Now we have the chance to review the rest of their PWM fans; so let’s take a look how well they perform. About Noctua: Check their webpages at for information about the company. Specifications: NF-P12: Size 120x120x25 mm Connector 4-pin PWM […]

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Noctua NF-F12 PWM

Noctua is one of the leading manufacturers of extremely powerful cpu-coolers and ultra silent fans. Today we will take a look at their newest fan called NF-F12 PWM and see how well it performs in our tests. About Noctua: Check their webpages at for information about the company. Specifications: Size        120x120x25 mm Connector   […]

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Zalman ZM-SF2 Case fan

A good fan is required for every computer if you want to have stable cooling and decent noise levels. Zalman is well known for their cooling products and today we are taking a look at their ZM-SF2 case fan and compare it vs other 92mm fans on the market. About Zalman: Read more about Zalman […]

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Arctic Cooling F12 Case Fans

Although I am a fan of elegant and classic fan styling, I have a soft spot for white computer parts like the Arctic F PWM series of fans. These fans appeal to me in a more acceptable way than for example lime green/white Thermaltake Jing CPU cooler fan does. Perhaps after Jing there could be […]

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Coolermaster Turbine Master Mach 0.8 case fan

Introduction & About Case fans are an often overlooked component for DIY system builders, so when it reaches mainstream users, it appears that many of them are unaware that aftermarket options even exist. If you are looking to build a silent system, you should probably look for some fans with speeds lower than 1200 RPM. […]

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Enermax T.B Fans

Fan features We are looking at some Twister Bearing fans today from Enermax, they send us three of their 120 mm fans and two 140 mm fans which all have different features. They supply these fans with single, duo and trio colors to suit everyone. How loud are they and how is the quality, those […]

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