Evercool Serpent Northbridge Chip Cooler

Testing the Evercool Serpent One of the main problems with various motherboard’s northbridge cooler is the small heatsink with little fan at 5000rpm. Fan at such speed makes high noise making use of computer very uncomfortable, not to mention the situation where the fan stops at all making the northbridge to overheat and possibly break […]

Coolink Chipchilla Chipset Cooler

Introduction Chipset coolers are often overlooked in a computer build, as most people focus on CPU coolers and case fans.But as computer performance increases, these chipset temperatures are also rising.Today we�ll look at a new chipset cooler, the Coolink Chipchilla Chipset Cooler.Will this chipset cooler be an improvement over a stock chipset cooler?Read on to […]

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Coolermaster Notepal Infinite Notebook Cooler

Introduction While laptops gets faster they need more cooling to maintain the stability. I have bought myself a new laptop and I have noticed that the new laptops tend have stabilty problems if not cooled down with a external cooler. Coolermaster has therefore released a new cooler for this type of issue and that is […]

Noctua NC-U6 Chipset Cooler

Introduction When you�re trying to build a high-performing and quiet operating computer, finding components that offer both solid performance with little added sound are little gems in the rough.While most people focus on CPU cooler and case fans, many chipset coolers often go unnoticed.Today we�ll look at a new chipset cooler from Noctua, whose high […]

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Thermaltake Extreme Spirit II Northbridge Chipset Cooler

Introduction I admit that I don�t particularly enjoy taking out my motherboard unless it�s for a good reason.The subject of this review, the Thermaltake Extreme Spirit II Northbridge Chipset Cooler, requires the motherboard to be removed for installation.Was it worth it?Let�s find out. About Thermaltake: You can check up their company history over here. Specifications: […]

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Thermalright Hr-05 chipset cooler

Introduction For those of you who must suffer the fate of sleeping in the same room as their computer; it’s important to not only keep it cool, but to keep it quiet.That’s why today I’ll be reviewing Thermalrights new passive chipset cooler, the HR-05.With the use of a single heatpipe, will the HR-05 be able […]

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Microcool Northpole XE

Introduction For review tonight is Microcools NorthPole XE whisper.Serving not only as a chipset heatsink for AMD and Intel, the Northpole XE can also be used as a CPU cooler for socket 479.With a noise rating of under 18dB the Northpole XE should be able to keep the core cool without being heard.Read on while […]

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Coolermaster Notepal Notebook cooler

Introduction Today we are taking a look at a notebook cooler which is from CoolerMaster. Todays notebooks\laptops have a tendency of heating up very easily, especially during the summer due to the fast, yet heat producing hardware in them. CoolerMaster sent us their NotePal Cooler which has a nice looking aluminum finish and it’s equipped […]

Thermaltake Jungle512 Intel socket 775 coolerThermaltake Jungle512 Intel socket 775 cooler

Introduction Today it’s time to look at a heatsink at rbmods. It was awhile ago we looked at heatsinks but the one we have today is for the new socket 775 Intel processor. We have looked for a good cooler for this new processor to be able to test overclocking on it. So is this […]

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Microol chipset heatsinks

Introduction When your pushing your motherboard @ 260+Mhz FSB you need to keep the Northbridge cold, the stock heatsink just won�t cut it, especially if its small and passive, this is where the �Microcool Nothpole� come in. About Microcool: Microcool has been created as a European company for the design and implementation of products formulated […]

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