Technocel T360 Bluetooth Headset

Technocel T360 Features Technocel is a new company that we have started to work with and today we are taking a look at their new headset named T360 that at first sight is the smallest Bluetooth headset that I have seen so far! We are going to compare it vs some other headsets we’ve got laying […]

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X-Micro Stereo media phone (Bluetooth)

Introduction X-micro is a company that makes quality products in pretty much every aspect. You can find Bluetooth, mp3, Wlan etc… from them and they all are easy to use and high quality yet still affordable for the normal consumer. We have reviewed alot of their products in the past but today we have something […]

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Cellphone Emergency Charger by Eksitdata

Introduction Have you ever been at that point where you are in the middle of nowhere and your cellphone dies? Well fear no more as there is a product that helps you with the issue. Eksitdata sent us a sample of their cellphone emergency charger. This little device is supposed to give you up to […]

Globalsat Bth820, Bta830 Bluetooth stereo headset and audio gateway

Introduction Todays products are slowly going toward the wireless side, wires are starting to be annoying and even ancient in some cases. Bluetooth on the other hand has been on the market for awhile and more and more products tend to focus on that or some other wireless technology. Today we have some Bluetooth products […]

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The 8Com Bluetooth Headset Tested

Specifications Specifications: Bluetooth v1.1 Class 2 Operation Headset – Hands Free Profiles Chipset: CSR BC-02 Controls: One button on/off, two button volume control Last number redail Microphone “mute” function Rechargeable lithium polymer battery Up to a 10 meter (33ft) operating distance at free space Frequency band 2.4GHz to 2.483GHz Up to 4 hours of talk […]

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Trust Bt210 bluetooth headset

Introduction Driving around and annoyned by having to hold your cell phone with one hand and drive with the other? Then this bluetooth headset might be something for you! Tonite we will review the BT210 bluetooth headset that Trust sent us. We will test it and see how it is quality wise and then finally […]

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