Attitude One Tunguska Headset

Today we take a look at something brand new, I have never tested anything from Attitude one but today is the day! We are going to review several of their products but the first thing we are going to test is their Tunguska 2.0 gaming headset. This headset seems to be fairly lightweight and have some […]

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Razer Chimaera 5.1 Surround sound gaming headset

If you are in the market for a good headset there are only so many companies available, one of them is Razer which is well known for their high end gaming accessories. They sent us their Chimaera 5,1 headset that we are going to review today. This headset works for both a PC and on […]

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Steelseries Flux headphones

Looking for a high quality headset or headphones? Then you should most definitely keep reading as we take on the Steelseries Flux headset. This is a 100$ headset so the expectations are high for me; let’s waste no further time and get on with the review. About Steelseries: Read more on their website, Specifications: Read […]

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Paddytek Paddy Vibe BT Edition Resonance speaker

With more and more smartphones being used as music players we see more portable speakers on the market. Paddytek, a swedish company, has created a portable speaker that can be ran with both a 3,5mm connector or Bluetooth. Their claim is that it uses resonance to  supposedly create a high quality sound,. So lets take a […]

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Cm Storm Sonuz Headset review

The well known company Cm Storm has recently released their new stereo-headset called “Sonuz” and today we are going to take a look at that headset. Let us go on with the review of the headset to see if it is worth considering buying or not. About Cm Storm: Read more about Cm Storm on their […]

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Corsair Vengeance 2000 Wireless Headset

Having a good headset when you game and use your computer these days is essential; Skype, MSN and other VOIP programs require you to have a good quality headset and also headphones that are comfortable and sound good. Corsair think they have a solution to this with their Vengeance 2000 Wireless headset, lets find out […]

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t-Jays Four headset

Jays are well known on the earphone market these days, we reviewed their first earphones when they started and have been taking a look at their products from time to time. We got a sample of the t-Jays Four headset today that aims towards the iPad and iPhone users. This headset comes with features as […]

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Ozone Onda 3HX Gaming Headset

Today we take our first look at a new product from Ozone which is one of our new sponsors. We are going to review their Onda 3HX Gaming headset. How well can this headset perform? Is it a mid range or high end product in the Ozone product line, lets find out! About Ozone: Read […]

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Antec Rockus 3D 2,1 Sound system

Today our review will be about a soundsystem, Antec sent us their latest 2.1 soundkit for review which is named the Rockus. Watch for new posts to see which PC/Multimedia speakers come out on top. We are going to compare it vs a couple of other 2.1 systems we have looked at in the past. The question is […]

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ARCTIC P281 Dj Headphones and P311 Bluetooth Headset

Here we have a pair of cool sound products to be evaluated for you! First is the ARCTIC SOUND P281 headphone, a full-sized DJ headphone so we’ll listen to the various music to check how it sounds. Second is the ARCTIC SOUND P311 Bluetooth headset for sports and on the go so we’ll see what […]

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