Get a anonymous VPN service

If you use Torrents or download stuff in general it might be good to get a VPN service service from for example TorGuard. They even offer a iphone vpn if you download stuff on your phone which is kind of cool and new. What you get is a anonymous IP address, unlimited speeds and you can download […]

Sharetronix helps your company!

Does your company have business contacts across the country or even the world? Sharetronix has developed a social network that is secure so you can easily create projects and manage them. In Sharetronix you can easily divide co workers to their own projects where they can discuss things just like on Facebook but all this […]

Dreamhack Winter 2012 (Saturday)

Dreamhack Winter 2012 was this weekend and it included a variety of e-sports events, exhibitioners, and not to forget all the 6000+ gamers with their computers. We went down over the day on Saturday to meet up with some sponsors and watch the world class Starcraft 2 gaming. We took a bunch of pictures and […]

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How to install Windows 8 Release Preview using Oracle Virtual Box

How to install Windows 8 Release Preview using Oracle Virtual Box With the advent of desktop virtualization becoming more mainstream, it gives the computer enthusiasts and IT professional to test different operating systems easily. One product that is used quite often is Oracles Virtual Box. Virtual box is an open source type 2 hyper-visor that […]

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Zoho projects, your online planner

Got a company and alot of projects going on with various co-workers? Zoho projects might have a solution for you with their online project managment software. Zoho Project Manager helps you and your teams to work together at a more efficient speed allowing you to make more money, something that we all strive for. This […]

Filling out forms

I hate filling out forms and everytime we go to US we have to fill out documents and forms. If you have a company you might need to fill out forms from time to time and online you will find products that will help you with that. is a company that offers help with various […]

Charter internet a good choice?

If you live in USA it might be hard to find the right internet provider. Charter internet offers high speed internet and also TV for fair prices. When it comes to internet they can offer speeds all the way up to 100 Mbps for 69,99$ / month. Internet prices in general start at 19,99$ and […]