Buffalo WHR-G300N V2 + WLI-UC-G450

Buffalo WHR-G300N V2 + WLI-UC-G450

In one end of the unit (top) there is a AOSS button. AOSS’s function is to provide an easy way to pair your client computer with the access point. AOSS (airstation one-touch security system) is a bit insecure in my opinion as it uses only 64-bit WEP keys to encrypt the data. More information about the AOSS can be found for example found from wikipedia.

Buffalo WHR-G300N V2 + WLI-UC-G450

The backpanel of the unit has five RJ-45 ports. Four of them are attached to the 10/100M switch while the blue one is WAN port (also 10/100). The unit is capable of routing up to 100Mbps internet speeds via the WAN port and I tested that feature and proved it to be true. With a reasonable amount of packets WHR-G300N V2 had no problems routing my 100M internet connection.

Buffalo WHR-G300N V2 + WLI-UC-G450blah

If you want to put the WHR-G300N V2 in vertical position, it comes with a handy stand. The stand makes it easy to store WHR-G300N V2 in places where the space (in vertical) is limited.

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  1. i´m totaly unsatisfied with this junk. i can get a connection to my android devices, but i am not able to upload any data.

    when i try to upload it really seems to work, it is also shown that files getting uploadet, but in the end nothing is on my hard drive. an data stored over usb also don´t get shown.
    The support of raidsonic is also sh*** to reques i have made, but no answer.
    there are better ways to thorw out money

  2. I have the same problem it says “No Storage Media”

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