Bitrate Sf403ex Mp3 player


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I like the display as it gives a very clean and sharp look to the player. It has a clock so don’t worry about it as that’s what many people need the mp3 player to have. It has several language settings and I had it in swedish first and I will also show you some in english. The radio works very well even though the small size of the player.

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As said before the menus are very easy to navigate through and very logical so you will easily learn this mp3 player. On these specific pictures we are in the main menu on the left to the right we are in the FM radio settings menu where you can turn tuning on etc.

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256 mb player which in the end comes out as 245 mb with the firmwaren etc on the player. The time on this player is very cool and you can do several things with this time and with future firmwares I beleive that the player will have even more features.

Sound Quality:

We tested the sound quality on this player by comparing it to other mp3 players we have reviewed, the testing was done by listening to several different genres of music with both the included headphones and with my ShureE2C earphone and a also a pair of Philips HS900 headphones. On this player I personally prefer the Rock setting which gives you a full sound withgood bass and clear sound. The included earphones work for people that just want to listen to music but personally I would switch to better and more comfortable ones.


The menus are very easy to navigate through and the joystick on the side is well placed so you can use the player very confortably. I like the font on this player also as it’s very easy to read and its comfortable to look at. I have seen font with to small of letters or just blurry quality which is no fun to look at in the end. The battery specifications say up to 18 hours of battery time with the built in battery and that’s pretty much what we came up with listening to 192kbs mp3 songs with the inluded headphones, remember though that that the battery time depends on what you do with the player and what headphones you are using ofcourse.


I think the accessories are very good and you get two different pairs of headphones, armband, etc which will cover pretty much anything you will use this for. The armband and case can be combined so you can mount the player around your arm and the neklace makes it available to hang it around your neck, so overall the accessories are perfect.


Time to conclude the review and overall I have to say I’m suprised with the good quality on this player I believe that some of it can be fixed with minor modifications and by doing those the company will have a big seller on their hands. This is a very small player that still pushes out a full and clear sound that you will enjoy listening to. You can see above here what I thought about the different aspects of the player and the minor flaws, like the Hold button and the headphones are minor things. Overall we give this product 4 out of 5 and our recommendations for a very small mp3 player that delivers great sound at a high quality.


+ Small
+ Well packed
+ Good accessories
+ Good radio and sound


– USB 1,1
– Pushing a button while HOLD activated stops the music for 1 sec
– Need better earphones

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