Bitfenix Shinobi Window edition

Bitfenix Shinobi Bitfenix Shinobi
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The back wall of the case has a 120mm fan installed in it and expansion card slots are covered with metal shields and thumb screws. Thumbscrews are easy toolless solution for installing cards and I prefer it much over the other tooless mechanism seen in the cases. Screws are the only way to securely tighten a card in the case!

Bitfenix Shinobi Bitfenix Shinobi
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The bottom section has a place for optional 120mm fan. Water cooling holes for external radiators etc are located in the back of the case next to expansion card slots.


Following setup was built within the Shinobi:
Asus M4A785TD-M EVO
AMD Phenom II X4 975
4x2GB DDR3 1600MHz
Noctua NH-U12P
AMD Radeon 6850
E-MU 0404 Soundcard
2x1TB Hitachi SATA HDD:s
Enermax Modu87+ 700W PSU

Fitting all the parts inside the case was a smooth process. My motherboard went easily in its place and the power supply was just as smooth to install too. The needed cables were easy to put through the cable management holes making the interior of the case nice and neat. Hard drives were installed using the toolless installation system the Shinobi offers. Unfortunately Shinobis 3.5″ device installation system does not offer any kind of noise absorbation (rubber dampers for example) for the hard disks so all the resonance is at least in theory delivered in the case structure.

The included fans in the case were very silent and I found no need to replace them with third party fans. There was some slight resonance noise when our HDD:s were in heavy use, but in normal everyday use I did not notice any kind of disturbing noises from the machine. Front panel connectors were easy to use because they are on top of the case.


Despite having couple flaws Shinobi Window edition is very high quality case. They could have possibly made it a bit more silent with some resonance absorbing foams etc. However it is currently one of the best midsized cases I’ve seen. Having stock installed very silent fans and good cable management system helps you to build a system of your liking. Three 5.25″ slots are enough for todays standards and Shinobi also has enough 3.5″ slots to accommodate even the needs of hardcore datastoragers. Good front panel connectors just add to the near perfection of this case. Kudos for Bitfenix for making this case! The Shinobi is also available without the window as a normal case.


+ looks great
+ silent fans
+ well designed


– lack of 2.5″ (SSD) support
– front panel connectors

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