Bitfenix Shinobi Window edition

Some time ago we took a look at Bitfenix’s gamer oriented case called the Colossus Venom Edition. Bitfenix also makes cases which has more of a conservative look and today we will take a look at one of those. Our review will be about the Bitfenix Shinobi midtower case. Let’s see how it performs and what it has to offer!

About Bitfenix:

Focused on combining superior design with the latest advances in technology, BitFenix creates state-of-the-art computer hardware and peripherals that blur the line between man and machine.

Users shouldn’t have to adjust themselves to the way their hardware works. So, we strive to put the user in complete control of his hardware, so that it functions as an extension of his will, and not as another variable he has to compensate for.

In the heat of battle, the user should not have to worry about the state of his equipment, which is why BitFenix products are engineered to perform under even the most extreme conditions. No matter how taxing the situation, users can rely on the strength of BitFenix products to perform as they are intended.

Finally, BitFenix is about performance. In the top levels of competition, the difference between first and second place can be razor-thin, which means that every advantage counts. BitFenix is about making high-performing products that give users an edge.

BitFenix is the result of the collaboration of several veterans in both the technology and gaming industries. From the same minds behind some of technology’s most venerable products, our goal is to create products that grant the user the utmost control, strength, and performance to complete their computing tasks.

We understand that some of the most innovative and novel concepts come from the community itself, which is why we take great steps to listen to the needs of our users and develop optimal ways to integrate their ideas into our products. By working closely with the global community, BitFenix is able to engineer solutions that directly address the needs of our users.

Combining a deep understanding of gaming and other high-demand computing applications with superior engineering and design know-how, the BitFenix team is dedicated to creating the go-to computing products and peripherals for those who refuse to quit.

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Materials     Steel, Plastic
Color (Int/Ext)     Black/Black
Side Panel     Solid Steel
Dimensions (WxHxD)     205 x 460 x 490 mm (ATX Mid Tower)
Motherboard Sizes     Mini-ITX, mATX, ATX
5.25″ Drive Bays     x 3
3.5″ Drive Bays     x 8 (1 x external, using 5.25” adapter)
Cooling Front     2 x 120mm (optional)
Cooling Rear     1 x 120mm (included) or 1 x 92mm (optional)
Cooling Side Panel     N/A
Cooling Top     2 x 140mm or 2 x 120mm (optional)
Cooling Bottom     1 x 120mm (optional)
PCI Slots     x 7
I/O     4 x USB2.0, Audio
Power Supply     PS2 ATX (bottom, multi direction)
Extras     N/A

The Product:

Bitfenix Shinobi Bitfenix Shinobi
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This cardboard box with which the Shinobi case came in is not exactly what you’d call an “eyecatcher.” It is a plain brown box with only the minimal information, such as major specifications and a couple model pictures printed on it

Bitfenix Shinobi
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Inside the box the case is well protected within polystyrene and plastic bag. These should prevent potential damage to the case during the transportation.

Bitfenix Shinobi Bitfenix Shinobi
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The side panel of the case has a triangular-ish window in it. The front panel has a bitfenix logo and place for three 5.25″ devices. This case is colored in all dark grey/black depending from the angle of the light when you look at it.

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