Axle Radeon HD 5450


Today we will take a look at the HTPC graphic card from Axle. Let’s have a look how their newest budget card based on Radeon HD 5450 chip will perform in our tests.

About Axle:

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– Expand your visual real estate across up to three displays and get lost in the action with ATI Eyefinity Technology.1

– Use ATI Stream technology, to accelerate demanding applications and do more than ever with your PC.2

– Enhance your entertainment experience with Windows® 7 and DirectX® 11, play the most popular games online and watch HD video with incredible realism3

– Consumes less than 20 watts under full load, eliminating the need for an external power connection and making installation a snap.


650MHz core speed with 80 Stream processors.
64bit DDR3, maximum memory of 512MB.

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PCI-E 2.1
Dual-Link DVI ports, supports maximum 2560×1600 resolution.
Build for Windows Vista, fully supports DX11 and SM5.0
ATI CrossFireX™ Multi-GPU Technology

The Product:

Axle HD5450 Axle HD5450
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Our unit came in a dark colored cardboard box. It seems every 5000 series radeon made by Axle uses the same box as there’s a removable sticker with a HD 5450 text placed in the lower left corner. Also the specification table in the backside of the packet, which has specifications for multile 5000-series graphics cards supports my thoughts. However the weird thing is, the graph does not have the specifications of the Radeon HD 5450.

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Axle HD5450 Axle HD5450
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Quick look inside the box reveals to us what’s bundled with the card. Alongside with the card there’s only a driver-cd. There’s neither a printed manual, nor adapters but only the card. If this is the case also with the more expensive Axle cards I’m disappointed, but with a card which costs less than 40€ it’s understandable in order to minimize the assembling costs.

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