Avermedia Game Capture HD 2


Avermedia Game Capture HD 2 software

The software that is built into the unit has various functions and the main feature I think is the editor and the feature that you can upload the videos to Youtube from the device.

Avermedia Game Capture HD 2 software menu


This is the main screeen of the “software” that the unit has.

Avermedia Game Capture HD 2 software edit


You can also edit your clips right on the box, this allows you to edit and then upload them straight to Youtube, this is nice since it allows you to work without a computer involved.


We tested recording both 720p and 1080p and they looked very nice. We have uploaded them to Youtube but it can probably take 2 days according to the manual so we don’t have them available as of yet.

This Review will be updated when they are online and accepted by Youtube.



This unit is very easy to use, I had no issues with installation and when I booted up the Xbox and Game box it all connected and started working automatically. The good thing is you can turn of the Avermedia box and still be able to continue playing. It does not make any real noise more than the humming of the harddrive but overall it is silent. There is no lag when gaming either which I thought there would be since the stream goes through the Game Capture HD 2 and then to the TV.

The menus are easy to navigate in and use and it also has a editor built in the software which allows you to edit the clips or add voice to them before uploading them. You can either store it to a USB memory or upload to Youtube.

This unit is available from Newegg for example for 159$ which might sting a bit in the wallet but overall it is worth it if you are looking for a device like this.

Easy to use
+ Easy to connect
+ Nice looking

Remote responds slow sometimes

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