Attitude One Tunguska Headset

Attitude One Tunguska Headset remote

Like most manufacturers they don’t seem to put any effort into the remote; in my opinion this could be so much more exciting and better looking. The remote does what it’s supposed to BUT! it feels clumsy and bulky with an overall low quality feeling.



Where to start… this is a very nice headset with some interesting colors that others don’t offer. They feel a tad plastic but I guess that helps them weight wise since they are quite comfortable to wear even for longer periods.

Another thing I have to complain about is the remote; it is very plastic and bulky. I think that they need to put some more effort into the remote to give the whole kit a higher quality feeling.

The sound was excellent though with clear sound and a nice bass, far more than you can even expect for a 60$ headset. As I mentioned they are comfortable due to the low weight, and you don’t get overheated either which is nice.

Overall a very nice piece of headset, and I look forward to reviewing the USB version that might attract some more users.

+ Cool looking
+ Nice sound

A bit to much plastic feeling
– Cheap feeling remote

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