Attitude One Tunguska Headset

Attitude One Tunguska Headset mic

The black and orange color really looks sleek together.  When you are not use your mic you can easily fold it up so it’s out of your way.

Attitude One Tunguska Headset headrest

The headband is very comfortable on the headset, combined with the fairly light weight is pleasant to wear even after a few hours of gaming. One thing I also noticed was that the ears don’t get sweaty like they tend to get when you have big headphones on for a few hours of exciting gaming.

Attitude One Tunguska Headset earphone

The earpads are covered with something called PU leather that is very comfortable and cool to use. The pads cover your complete ear so in the case you don’t like that feature then this is not the headset for you.

Attitude One Tunguska Headset cable

Attitude one decided to sleeve the cable which is a commendable choice. You will find that the sleeve is fairly soft and easy to control; it doesn’t bother me when I use the headset but at the same time it covers and protects the cable from being ran over, etc.

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