Attitude One Saiga Gaming mousepad

Looking for a new mousepad? If so, make sure not to miss out on our review tonight where we test out the various sizes of the Attitude One Saiga mousepads. Attitude One products have turned out to be fairly inexpensive products with good quality. This is a great combo on todays market, the question remains though; does the same go for the Saiga mosuepads?

About Attitude One:

Read more about the company on their website,


Material Durable, smooth and flexible cloth
Surface Uncoated / semi-rigid
Backside Rubber-based back for a firm grip on all types of surfaces
Compability Optical & laser
Dimension Saiga Small: 260x220mm
Saiga Medium: 320x270mm
Saiga Large: 380X300mm
Saiga XL: 460X380mm
Thickness Saiga Small: 2mm
Saiga Medium: 2mm
Saiga Large: 3mm
Saiga XL: 4mm

The Product:

Attitude One Saiga Gaming mousepad

We got a sample of every size available but in this test we are going to work with the “S”, “L” and also the XXL mousepad. We sent out the “M” and “XXL” to some testers to get an idea of what others think about them.

We see the mousepads packed in these orange boxes that protect them well.

Attitude One Saiga Gaming mousepad

This is the small version which is still a decent size. To give you something to compare it against you can compare it vs a cheap mousepad that you can buy at like Walmart or something so this still has a decent size to it.

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