Attitude One Rapira One gaming mouse


Attitude one Rapira Software

I gotta admit that the software looks really nice; this is by far the nicest looking software that I have seen for a mouse.

It is easy to understand and easy to use, first page lets you change what the buttons do while the advaced settings tab does what it says.

Attitude one Rapira Software

If you are an advanced gamer these settings will be intresting to you, here you can set the polling rate, scroll speed etc to maximize your gaming experience.



This is a cool little mouse with some neat features. The flashy little logo is attractive and the mouse is quite precise in its movements.

It sits very comfortable in the hand and there are plenty of buttons for most gamers, the DPI switch is easy and painless and makes it easy to swap to gaming mode on the fly.

Something I was quite impress with was the software, its very nicely done and it is also easy to use. This mouse compares well vs mice like Steelseries Sensei and various Roccat mice on the market both in performance and in design.

You can pick this mouse up for around 50$ which is quite decent compared to other well known mice on the market.

Update 2014-10-13:

The left button is placed to close to the scroll wheel which makes the button vibrate when using the scoll, a small design flaw.


Fits most hands
+ Good price
+ Feels good
+ Good response
+ Software

No weights
– Scroll wheel is a bit stiff




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