Attitude One Kamaz Wrist rest

When you game your wrists tend to get tired after awhile, we know there are arm rests for keyboards in general but are there also useful ones for gaming? There is at least one from Attitude One, they have released the Kamaz wrist rest that is aimed towards the gamers; we are going to test this tonight so keep on reading.

About Attitude One:

Read more about Attitude one on their website,


Available colors Black
Item no AA9201
UPC 794504516241
Weight 180g
Box dimension Height: 28mm
Width: 462mm
Qty per box (under update)
MSRP EUR (under update)
Warranty 1 years

The Product:

Attitude One Kamaz Wrist rest

Like the other Attitude One products this one also comes packed in an orange package.

Attitude One Kamaz Wrist rest

The Kamaz is made out of some type of silicone with a cloth cover and a non slip base to prevent it from moving during your gaming sessions.

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  1. Jonas Sjödin says

    Great review! Maybe it will be easier to align the monitors if the both are the same model.

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