Asus EN8800GTX 768Mb Videocard

Conclusion for Asus EN8800GTX 768Mb Videocard


Intel Extreme X6800
MSI K9N Neo-F motherboard
OCZ PC2 8500 2*1024MB
Asus 8800GTX Aquatank
Maxtor IDE 133 80GB HDD 7200 RPM
Zalman ZM460-APS

We used the following software to benchmark the card with, 3dmark2005, 3dmark2006, Call of Duty 2, Battlefield 2 and X3 Reunion Demo.

Cards we compared vs in this test at Asus 8800GTS and MSI RX1950XT.


Asus EN8800GTX 768Mb Videocard

Since this card runs a watercooling setup it should be alot cooler than others. These temperatures are taken during stock speeds and with a ambient temperature of 23 degrees Celsius. We can see that there is a differene especially at full loads. I have to also point out that these temperatures are taken with the fan on low speed. On high speed you get another 4 degree difference both on idle and full load temperatures.


While the card runs a watercooling setup it doesnt mean that it can overclock well. We used Rivatuner for our overclocking results. According to Rivatuner this card has a stock core speed of 700 and we were able to run the core a 750. The memory on the other hand runs at 1100mhz and we pushed it all the way up to 1200mhz.


Now this card is not cheap, I have seen it for for around 700$ USD. A standard 8800GTX goes for around 600$ and then add a waterblock, tubing etc to the price and you are up at the same price as the Aquatank goes for. Not everyone can afford this card but if you want to be on the top of things you better start paying up. It performs extremly well and it even overclocked well. I like the feature that you can set the fan speed to either high or low, this way you can still overclock during the hottest summer months. Overall this card really kicks butt and I want to award it with our Editors choice award for great performance.


+ Fast
+ H20 Cooling
+ Easy to take care of
+ Easy to install
+ Good accessories and manuals


– Price

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