Asus EN8800GTX 768Mb Videocard

Testing the Asus EN8800GTX 768Mb Videocard


Intel Extreme X6800
MSI K9N Neo-F motherboard
OCZ PC2 8500 2*1024MB
Asus 8800GTX Aquatank
Maxtor IDE 133 80GB HDD 7200 RPM
Zalman ZM460-APS

We used the following software to benchmark the card with, 3dmark2005, 3dmark2006, Call of Duty 2, Battlefield 2 and X3 Reunion Demo.

Cards we compared vs in this test at Asus 8800GTS and MSI RX1950XT.

Call of Duty 2:

Asus EN8800GTX 768Mb Videocard

Even though Cod2 is quite old these days its a game played by alot of people. We can see that there is quite a difference between the cards in this test.

Battlefield 2:

Asus EN8800GTX 768Mb Videocard

Even at a high resolution as 1280*1024 the gamer performs extremly well, it got as much as 20FPS more than the GTX card.

X3 Reunion Demo:

Asus EN8800GTX 768Mb Videocard

X3 must be one of the best looking games graphics wise and therefore it also demands quite a bit from your computer and videocard. We can see here that even at higher resolutions this card does not drop more than 1 FPS, while the others drop over 10FPS.

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