Asus EN8800GTS 320Mb Videocard

Conclusion for Asus EN8800GTS 320Mb Videocard

This far the tests have shown that the new Asus middle class card outperforms the older high performance cards except in X3, which probably is a driver issue.


We used Rivatuner 2.0 Final to overclock this card. The core comes at 500MHz and the memory is clocked to 800Mhz at stock. To know if a setting was stable we looped 3dmark2005 loops to see that we got no artifacts. We got the core to 650Mhz without any bigger issues, the memory on the other hand needed a more step by step overclock which allowed us to boost the memory to 860Mhz which is a 60Mhz boost.Temperatures:

Asus EN8800GTS 320Mb Videocard

This videocard has the quietest cooler that I have ever heard! We could barely hear the fan even after hours of gaming. As the graph shows the temperature did not rise above the temperature of the older cards.


What most amazes me with this card is the quiet cooler, I have never heard and air cooler video card this quiet, even after hours of gaming it’s quiet and runs very smooth. Pricewise it�s well priced but remember this is the 320Mb version which is half of the performance cards memory, overall I think that this is plenty though as we have not had any problems in any game even at higher resolutions. The accessory bundle is good as you get new games and even 3dmark2006 to benchmark with. I can not do anything else than recommend this card, not bought an Asus card due to the higher prices but this card really changed my mind.


+ Fast
+ Quiet air cooler
+ Good accessories
+ Well packed
+ Overclockes decent


– None this far

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