Asus 9800GT Matrix Videocard

Overclocking and Conclusion

This far the card has performed quite well but alot of people also want to know how they overclock. This card came at a core setting of 615MHz and a memory setting of 900MHz. As always we use Rivatuner for our overclocking tests and with the core we were able to boost it to 710MHz which gives a few points raise when you run 3dmark.

Memory on the other hand went a bit higher as we were able to run it artifact and lock free at a whooping 1100MHz. That gave us a 1500 point raise in a 3dmark2006 run.

I am more than satisfied with the overclocking results, you can boost your card to be faster than the GX2 Top card than we compared to in the tests.

The phone sells for about 200$ which is a tad lower than the faster 9800 cards but with the overclocking possibilites I can really recommend this card. It really outperformed a 4850 card from ATI which cost only 30$ less so I think the choice is quite obvious. The card would not suite for a HTPC due to the size or the noise but for a normal setup I think this card is quite good noise wise, it is not the quietest card from Asus but it is not bad. It was otherwise well packed, it has performed stable during our benchmark and installation was a piece of cake. Price is good and performance as you have noticed is very good even when compared to the 9800GX2 TOP card from Asus that sells for around 400$. I will for sure give this our recommendation award for superb performance and overclocking.

+ Cheap
+ Well packed
+ Good cooling
+ Overclocks superb!

– None this far

Asus 9800GT Matrix Videocard Review

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