Asus 9800GT Matrix Videocard

Further Testing

Intel QX6700 CPU
Asus P5K3 Deluxe
Corsair Twinx3x2048-1600 DDR3

Western Digital Caviar 16Mb SATA HDD
OCZ GameXstream 700W

Testing will today be done with the following games and software; Crysis, Call of Duty 4, Farcry 2, 3dmark2006 and 3dmark Vantage. Temperatures are taking while idling in windows and full temperatures are taken after looping 3dmark2006. Ambient temperature was 21 celsius at the time of testing. As operating system we used Windows Vista with the latest updates.

Our comparison cards today are a Visiontek 4850 and a Asus 9800GX2 TOP.
Asus 9800GT Matrix Videocard Review
I don’t think I need to say anything more about Crysis than it is a high demanding and popular FPS game. In Crysis we also got similar results are with Call of Duty 4.
Farcry 2:
Asus 9800GT Matrix Videocard Review
We have started using Farcry 2 for our DirectX10 game benchmark, we can clearly see that once again the Matrix performs well but still lacks a couple of FPS to be the fastest.
Asus 9800GT Matrix Videocard Review
Todays videocards get faster and the cooling tend to fall behind sometimes but this is not the case with this Asus card, it runs cooler than all the others and the noise is not to horrible either.

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