Asrock ION 330HT-BD Nettop

Testing time

Asrock ION 330HT-BD Nettop Asrock ION 330HT-BD Nettop
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Before moving the tray with the Bluray player and the HDD there is not much you can do with this unit. Everything is built so tight so you need to remove the two screws that holds the tray in place.


To really show you the inside of the Nettop we have decided to record it so you can view it below.

Power Consumption:

Idle and Full loads are taken in Windows 7 while looping Pcmark Vantage.

Standby, computer is turned off but plugged in. The Nettop uses the low amount of 6W, while our normal test computer uses 36W so there is a big difference.

Idling in Windows, we measure that the Nettop only uses 30W while idling.

Full load,only took 36W.

CPU Usage:

The unit uses the CPU very little even when watching full screen movies and having a demanding OS like Windows 7. We had numbers between 15 and 20% while watching a movie which is quite acceptable.

This was done by watching a Bluray movie from a disk, the unit uses a little bit more if you are viewing a iso file or similar.

Temperatures at Ultrasilent Fan speed:

Temperature at idle is 53 Celsius on the cpu and 55 Celsius on the GPU.

While running a movie the temperature rises up to 62 Celsius on the CPU and 64 on the GPU.

To get some Full load temperatures we looped Pcmark Vantage and got the following temperatures. CPU was up at 70 Celsius while the GPU stayed around 65 Celsius.


To give you an idea so you can compare vs your own Nettop we got the following Pcmark Vantage results:

Pcmark Score: 1877
Memories Score: 1426
TV and Movie Scores: 1329
Gaming Score 1575
Music Score 2033
Communications Score: 1458
Producitvity Score: 1704
HDD Score: 2769


First off, this is a pretty silent unit, the only thing that actually makes a bit of noise is the Bluray player if you decide to use a disc. I was able to run 720p without issues from a .iso file but the unit is not able to play a 1080p although the specifications never said it would.

The unit looks good and is really good at using the cpu power during a show, a con is though the heat issues as the GPU and CPU run quite hot. The temperature is not critical but during a hot summer day I would imagine the heat going up even further.

The unit is very small but still holds alot of power, it runs Windows 7 very smooth and we had no issues during benchmarking. Something very positive here is that you can upgrade the HDD (or even add another HDD) and Ram in this setup without major issues, four screws is all you need to remove to have full access.

I never included any overclocking results in this review since I dont feel this unit is made for overclocking, the bios has overclock features though so if you feel that is something you want to play around with its possible.

So there must be something bad about it also right? Yes, it lacks front USB ports and I really would have liked to see atleast a 7200rpm HDD or even a SSD in this unit to speed up things a bit.

+ Small
+ Upgradable
+ Bluray drive
+ Everything is internal

No front panel USB
– Minor heat issues

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