Arctic Freezer 13 Cpu Cooler

Overclocked 2,8@ 3,2 GHz:

We raised the vCore with 0,5V to get up to 3,2GHz, as we can see the difference between the Zalman cooler and the Freezer 13 is only 3 degrees under load. The Freezer 13 only cost about 220SEk or 25$ which is very cheap for this type of performance.


I wish there was a fan controller included with the fan, Zalman sends small adapters that slow down the fan speed on the fan. This would be good if you know you are not going to game on the computer so you can lower the noise a bit, overall though the fan is not that loud but I would not have minded it being a bit more silent.

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25$ and a much smaller size compared to the other high performing cpu coolers on the market makes this cpu cooler a winner. It performs very well even though it’s not the best on the market but for the price and for the size it performs extremely well. I swapped the thermal paste that was mounted to Arctic Silver instead and that makes a small difference.

The only thing as I said earlier is that I am missing a fan controller of some type to slow down the fan speed and that the mounting for AMD setups could be easier, otherwise I don’t really have anything to complain about.

+ Small
+ Cheap
+ Good performance
+ Works for both Intel and AMD

– Mounting for AMD
– No fan controller

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