Arctic Cooling Z2 Monitor Arm

Arctic Cooling Z2 Monitor Arm
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There are eight holes in both metal sheets where the display will be tightened in. The ones in outer circle are meant for larger displays while the four holes in inner circle are for smaller displays. Z2 supports all VESA compatible displays from 13″ to 27″ in size. Displays are secured in the Z2 arm using four screws. If your monitor is 27″ or smaller, and it has VESA compatible holes behind it, Z2 will support is.

Arctic Cooling Z2 Monitor Arm
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Both arms have three joints which all allow the display to move nearly 360 degrees around the joints axis. All of the joints are secured using a screw above or behind the axis. There’s, also a nice cable management system as can be seen in the picture. Four plastic O-holes are large enough for a typical power cable, DVI and VGA cables.

Testing & User Experiences:

We installed Dell U2412M and BenQ G2320HD displays in the Z2 arm. U2412M is 24″ display while G2320 is an inch smaller (23″). Installing the displays in the arm was a smooth process. Both displays had VESA connectors behind them, therefore making them compatible with the Z2 arm. Just remove the display from its stand and secure it to Z2 using four screws.

After both displays are secured in the Z2, you just need to align the Z2 arm the way you want and secure it in that position. Could it be simpler than that? Unfortunately aligning the monitors wasn’t so easy. We had problems getting  both of the monitors in straight line. After struggling a while though, we managed to get them reasonably in line and secured into place.

Personally, I think Arctic Cooling Z2 monitor arm looks very nice. It gives you more space on your desktop to work on while letting you to have the same monitor area as before. I’ve seen these kind of solutions in corporate offices before and I sincerely hope these will get more and more common also in home use.

Arctic Cooling Z2 Monitor Arm
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Here’s the result. Both displays nicely on my desktop and much space to do other work.



Despite having some issues when aligning the monitors, the Arctic Cooling Z2 Monitor Arm is definitely an interesting product. It costs a lot less than other similar products I’ve seen on market and seems to be very well built. Installing process was smooth enough and you can (Sometimes getting the displays in line might be hard) align your displays the way you want them to be. Also, Z2 does not take any space from your desktop and actually gives you more space on it. I’d recommend Z2 to anyone who wants to keep their desktop minimalistic while wanting to use dual screens. Also, if you’re looking for good versatility and nice looks, Z2 is your choice!


+ Easy to install
+ Sturdy
+ USB-hub


– Aligning monitors might be a bit hard

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