Arctic Cooling Univeral USB Charger

Final look and Testing

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The C2 is a small little box with 4 ports on one side and the adapter port on the other. They have printed their logo on the top and also the name of the product.

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On the left picture we see the difference between the C2 and C1 and the right picture shows the size difference towards a normal DVD. We can clearly see that they are quite small but thick. I dont find them big though even though they are quite thick, they fit anywhere and can get quite valuable during your traveling around the world.

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The plugins are very easy to install, push them it and they clip on auomaticlly. You actually have to push a button to release them from the charger. On the C2 there is a sticker what type of electricity it can take at what level.

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The C1 also has a sticker with some info about what certifications it has.


These products will for sure come in handy if you travel alot. They work all over the world and charge your USB products that can be charged through the USB port, we tested on a SonyEricsson phone and there were no issues to charge it. It took pretty much the same time to charge as it normally does with a normal charger. The product itself feels high quality and I really dont think you could break them if you dont do something drastic like jump on it.

The C1 has a recommended price of 21.95$ USD while the C2 has a recommended price of 26,55$ USD so its worth going for the C2 if you dont need the C1 for size reasons. Overall a good high quality product which I feel have a little bit to high of a pricetag for it to really take of on the market.

+ Small
+ World all over the world
+ Easy to use
+ High quality

– Price

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