Arctic Cooling K481 Keyboard

Arctic Cooling K481
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Above the mouse there are four multimedia buttons. Three of them are for adjusting your volume levels (volume +, volume – and mute) while the last one is a simple play/pause media button.

User Experiences:

My first impression when I got the K481 was how small it is. Typing with it can be quite demanding if you are used to full sized keyboards and never used amini laptop for example. After a while you get used to the small keys the K481 has, but even then typing is a bit slower than with any proper keyboard. Even after about a month of use I still get some mistypes due the too small keys. However in HTPC use the K481 is perfect. It doesn’t take much space and is very easy to use on your sofa. Also the range with the wireless reciever is reasonably good – better than with most keyboards I’ve used. The distance between me and my HTPC is around 5-6 metres and there is no line of sight between the reciever and the keyboard.

Also you don’t get quite the full feeling of the keys you’re pressing which is not a good thing. I prefer to have a good sense of  feeling about what I’m pressing and thanks to very low profile keys and the fact that all keys in K481 could require bit more force to press, you don’t get a good touch on what you’re typing. However, the touchpad mouse is working flawlessly and is one of the best I’ve seen on market.


Asus K481 is undoubtedly one of the smallest, thumb keyboards not included, keyboards I’ve encountered in a while. For everyday use it its keys are way too small for any kind of comfortable use, but in HTPC use or in other environments where you need to type only a limited amount, the K481 might be your choice. An integrated touchpad mouse with multitouch support makes browsing the internet easy and low profile keys make typing very comfortable. The K481 is perfect choice as HTPC keyboard. If you can live with the small keys, a missing keypad, and some oddities in keyplacement doesn’t bother you, go ahead and head to your nearest computer shop and buy K481 – you won’t be disappointed!

+ Perfect size for HTPC keyboard
+ Integrated touchpad
+ Good wireless range

– Keys are a bit too small

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