Arctic Cooling Fusion 550R

Final testing and Conclusion

5V Rail:

Arctic Cooling Fusion 550R

This rail dropped a bit during load but ended up staying at 5,05 without flickering. So far so good, lets take a look at the 12V rail.

12V Rail:

Arctic Cooling Fusion 550R

This rail also dropped a little during load and flickered between 12,17-12,8V, this is acceptable though and within the specified limits.


This PSU is VERY quiet, I can’t hear it at all even after turning the videocard fan off. The buzz from the hardrive will always be louder than the fan on the power supply. It was not horrible either when it comes to electricity usage, without setup it idled at 145W and ran at 190W under load. This is about ~5W less than the Coolermaster we compared vs. The fan really made this thing silent and the stability was awesome. Even after longer gaming periods the PSU stayed cool and rock stable. It takes up a bit of extra space in the back since the fan is mounted outside the unit itself but I doubt that is a problem for most people. The fan itself hangs on rubber/plastic clips which prevents vibrations to go into the chassi of the PSU. I saw that this should retailed for around 80$ which is less that most high quality power supplys. Overall I am very happy with the performance and will award this with our editors choice award for rock stable performance and ultra silent fan.

+ Rock stable
+ Super silent
+ Alot of connectors

– None this far

Arctic Cooling Fusion 550R

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