Arctic Cooling F12 Case Fans

Although I am a fan of elegant and classic fan styling, I have a soft spot for white computer parts like the Arctic F PWM series of fans.

These fans appeal to me in a more acceptable way than for example lime green/white Thermaltake Jing CPU cooler fan does. Perhaps after Jing there could be no surprises for me in terms of fan design.

Today we have a couple of case fans from ARCTIC to be tested; ARCTIC F PWM Series to be more specific. Let’s take a look at ARCTIC F12 Pro PWM and F12 PWM fans, both 120 mm models.


Check out their site for more information,

ARCTIC  F12 PWM and F12 Pro PWM main features:

-Versatile Applicable

-Silent Operation

– Quick and Easy Setup

– PST (PWM Sharing Technology)

Technical data (F12 Pro PWM / F12 PWM):

Noise Level (Sone):          0,5 Sone / 0,5 Sone

Fan Speed  :                         400 – 1500 RPM / 400 – 1500 RPM

Airflow :              57 CFM = 96,8 m3/h  / 57 CFM = 96,8 m3/h

Bearing :              Fluid Dynamic Bearing/Fluid Dynamic Bearing

Dimensions (Packaging)               : 123 L x 123 W x 40 H mm / 123 L x 123 W x 26 H mm

Dimensions (Product)   :               120 x 120 x 38.5 mm / 120 x 120 x 25 mm (LxWxH)

Limited Warranty            2 years /2 years

UPC       PWM:                 0872767002388 / 0872767002654

Net Weight        :       177 g / 144 g

itemnumber      AFACO-12PP0-GBA01 UPC         / AFACO-080P0-GBA01.01.1

Gross Weight    0.1 kg / 0.15 kg

Price:  $9.17 / $7.84

How to choose right fan?

Although water-cooling is more and more popular in computers every day, air cooling is still the easiest, simplest, and dominant way of getting the heat away.  What should today’s system designer look for when choosing fans for his air-cooled system? The main numbers you should look for are typically dimensions especially thickness, airflow rate – a volume of air which fan can move per minute or per an hour (CFM or m3/h), level of noise fan produces (dB, db(A), or even Sone), fan speed (RPM), price off course etc. In my opinion the primary should be to either to find the best noise-performance or cost-effectivness or best-buy product , according to what your priorities are. You’ll probably find yourself with bunch of candidates this way but then simply chose the one which looks and suits your needs best.

I mentioned water-cooling before. I must remind you dear reader, water-cooling radiators also need fans for the heat to be pushed out (or pulled out), except for the passive systems builds but these are rare. I want to point there is one more relevant fan data, which some manufacturers like to specify: a static pressure. It is kind of the energy given to the air stream by the fan. Applied to cooling, that means ability to push the air through the thick obstacle like the radiator fins. The higher the static pressure, the better is cooling. Numbers aside, the next important thing when choosing fan would be a design and colour of the fan, setup/mounting type, PWM feature, warranty, cost etc.

The products:

ARCTIC F12 Case Fans ARCTIC F12 Case Fans
ARCTIC F12 Case Fans
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F12s are sold in standard white cardboard boxes with big photo and type of the product, and 6 years warranty  red icon on them. I wonder is this 6 year warranty for real? On the backside of the boxes it shows the patented PST system. There’s no plastic window on the box.

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