AOC E2251FWU USB Monitor


 AOC E2251FWU USB Monitor Testing
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We have thus far had no ghosting, no backbleed and the colors are crisp and nice as we can see on these pictures.

I ran the Passmark monitor benchmark and everything looked perfect; crip and clear colors and picture quality. To be honest I am suprised how good this screen is, I had my pre-concieved ideas about this monitor before the test due to the USB but this really makes an awesome monitor to have on the fly.



You can pick this monitor up for 150$ on the market, which is a tad higher than some cheap 24″ screens sell for at the moment. The thing is that this is portable and therefore the 22″ inch  is worth it. It is very nice quality, easy to use and even works for fast FPS gaming. Viewing angles are good for this price range.

I am very happy with this monitor and will for sure recommend it for good picture quality combined with portability.

There is one flaw that I found with it which is that you can raise the monitor or lower it, basically you can only tilt it.  Overall a very nice portable monitor.

+ Slim
+ Good picture quality
+ No lag or ghosting
+ No backbleed
+ No AC adapter required
+ USB Powered

– Flimsy foot

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