AOC E2251FWU USB Monitor

AOC E2251FWU USB Monitor Stand AOC E2251FWU USB Monitor Stand
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The stand or foot whichever you want to call it, comes in 2 parts; you first mount the two parts together and tighten a screw on the bottom. After that first step, simply push the monitor into the top stand part and it will automaticlly lock the screen in place. This monitor does not have pivot but you can tilt the screen up and down.

AOC E2251FWU USB Monitor Back AOC E2251FWU USB Monitor Finish
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On the back of the monitor you won’t find much as there is only a USB plugin and a power plugin. No power adapter is included with the monitor though as it is not needed. If you want to run it with a power adapter it kind of takes away the portability so therefore it is optional for the users.

We can see that this monitor has a nice glossy finish on it, just remember glossy means fingerprints. The monitor is very thin also, it is very easy to take with you due to its low weight!

AOC E2251FWU USB Monitor Logo AOC E2251FWU USB Monitor
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In the front of the monitor they have placed a big AOC logo in silver and otherwise as I already mentioned this monitor has a glossy black finish.

Something I noticed was that this monitor feels a bit flimsy, if you touch it the monitor will shake for awhile and I think this due to the design of the foot.

AOC E2251FWU USB Monitor Back

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