Aoc D2757Ph 3D Monitor

Aoc D2757Ph 3D Monitor stand


To mount the stand you screw on the black part on to the bottomplate, when that is done you slide the monitor stand in to the bigger stand and it will automatically lock it down.

Aoc D2757Ph 3D Monitor stand

Here we can see the monitor mounted on the stand, it feels pretty stable although it kind of wabbles sideways for a bit when it gets pushed or shoved.



This is a very nice monitor with good colors and no real backlight bleed. The viewing angles are actually decent on this and surpassed my expectations.

When it comes to the colors the black is authentically black and other colors are crisp and clear. When it comes to 3D its lacking as expected with passive 3D, don’t get me wrong the 3D works great but it is not close to normal active 3D.

You pay very little  for an extra large 3D screen so I can’t really complain much about the 3D itself. We watched the 3D feature for awhile and it does stand out, and the clip on glasses even work for all of us that use glasses.

Features I would have liked to see is a stand that can be raised and lowered and also a pivot function but you can’t have everything!

Overall a very nice monitor from AOC.

+ Easy to use
+ Touch buttons
+ Double HDMI
+ 3D

No pivot feature
– No DVI or Displayport

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