Aoc D2757Ph 3D Monitor

Aoc D2757Ph 3D Monitor

The monitor does not have much of a frame around it, the biggest part is actually placed under the screen. For some reason they like to place stainless steel looking plastic pieces on the bottom where they can place their logo.

I guess it looks decent, seen worse and I have seen better too 🙂

Aoc D2757Ph 3D Monitor touch buttons

On the D2757Ph you won’t find any real physical buttons, the touch panel in the front handles everything. You basiclly have to just push gently with your finger and the controls react, this is a very nice feature that I have seen on most AOC screens and it really gives it a more exclusive feeling.

Aoc D2757Ph 3D Monitor

In my opinion the monitor is very thin, I have no issues with the size in general. I mean of course there are thinner ones on the market but for this price you most likely won’t find anything nicer.

Aoc D2757Ph 3D Monitor  stand

If you don’t want a huge foot/stand the small stand on the back of the monitor will do the trick, but I would for sure recommend using the real stand.

We can see that like most AOC monitors this has two HDMI ports and also a D-sub port. For sound purposes they have equipped it with a headphone and mic jack also.

You might wonder why D-sub and I gotta admit so do I 🙂

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