Antikeylogger01-USB from Eksitdata

Today people do a lot of various tasks on the computer and unfortunately there are people who try and get your passwords and usernames in every possible way they can.  Keyloggers are a big issue these days as they log the keys you push and send the data to the owner of the script. To combat this there’s now a antikeylogger on the market to use for prevention. Eksitdata is most likely one of the very few resellers at this point and longtime sponsors of Rbmods. Today we are taking a look at the antikeylogger that they claim to work very well to protect your data.

About Eksitdata:

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• Embedded 8bit MCU and H/W Encrypt
• USB 2.0, USB HID 1.1 Interface
• Embedded RAM 256 Bytes
• Embedded Flash 8KB
• Internal 12 MHz Oscillator
• 3/5V I/O with Pull-up Resistor
• Operating Temperature : 0~70°C
• Operating Voltage : 4.5~5.5V
• Package: SOIC-16 pin
*Bundled with software driver CD

The Product:
Antikeylogger01-USB Antikeylogger01-USB
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This little unit comes packed in this plastic cover, the back has information about the device and how it functions. One thing that I noticed is that usually you need a knife to open these type of packages but this time it had a small snap function so you can open it and seal it as you wish.

Antikeylogger01-USB Antikeylogger01-USB
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Inside the small package you will find the antikeylogger, small slip from Eksitdata, cd with software, and a small installation slip.

The antikeylogger is a small device with two USB connectors hooked together with a cable. You hook this up between the keyboard and the motherboards USB port.

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