Antec P280

Installation & Testing:

We installed following system in the P280. The system should represent todays average everyday machine quite well.
Asus P8P67 Motherboard
4x2GB DDR3 1600MHz
Verbatim 120GB SSD SATA-III
2x1TB Hitachi HDD
AMD Radeon 6850
Enermax 750W PSU
Intel Core i5 2500K

Antec P280
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As we can see there’s enough space for normal ATX- motherboard, largeish water cooling system and two slot graphics card in the case. The installation was a smooth process as we did not encounter any hickups along the way. Antec P280 has a good cabling management system and with the exception of graphics cards power connectors, we were able to put all the cables through the cable management system which is between the motherboard tray and the back panel.

Antec P280
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Hard disks are in place and were (as I told you before) easy to install. The 2.5″ slots did not function as I thought they would. The disk will be left about 3cm out (as you can see in the picture) and you can’t push it all the way in the tray. The sidepanel will however close nicely so the problem is just aesthetic.


P280 continues to impress us just as the whole Performance series has done so far. There’s some innovative things in the P280, like the 2.5″ hard disks slots. Unfortunately, they did not work just as I thought they would and the aesthetics of the slots isn’t what I’d expect them to be. However, despite this the P280 proved to be well worth the money. There’s enough space in it, the cable management system is good and the case did not resonate during our tests. I have to say it is one of the most silent cases I’ve encountered so far. If you’re in need of a relatively large computer case and the looks of P280 please you, don’t hesitate buying it.

+ Enough space
+ Amount of HDD slots
+ Fan slots

– Doesn’t feel as “professional” as the older P180-series
– Aesthetics of 2.5″ slots

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  1. Nathan Risto says

    $150 price is a con? Doesn’t seem overpriced to me.

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