Antec P100 Case

Antec P100 inside

Both sides of the case are removable and you have noise cancelling padding on them to prevent noise and vibrations. The backplate, which is non removable, has a big hole in it so you can mount new coolers without removing the motherboard. We can also see that you will need a scredriver to add add-on cards to the motherboard which is a slight con.

When it comes to the 5.25 drives you don’t need any tools but you will need a screwdriver to mount harddrives in their little racks.

Antec P100 cable managment

This case has plenty of cable management options as we can see, there are alot of gaps and holes where you can pull through your cables so they end up behind the motherboard backplate.

Antec P100 drive bays

Nothing special here except you need a screwdriver to mount the HDD’s.

Antec P100 with hardware

Now I did not put a full ATX motherboard into it in this image but I tested it with one and there is problem when it comes to space as we can see even with this mATX board. You can easily mount a SSD and you don’t need any special brackets for it to fit as we can see on the right side where I mounted a 2.5 inch drive.

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