Antec P100 Case

Antec P100 ports

The front of the case has some ports, two USB 3 ports, two USB 2 ports and the standard mic and headphone jack.

Antec P100 top

If you look at the image above you will see the top of the case, it is prepared with either watercooling  or fans to be mounted on the top of the case.

Antec P100 front drive bays

If you open the front door you will find two 5.25 drive bays and also the front fans, you can see that you can mount two fans and there is also a fan filter that you should remember to clean once in awhile to keep a steady airflow from the front.

Antec P100 back

The back is prepared with holes for tubing if you want to mount for example a radiator on the outside of the case, you can also see that the PSU is mounted on the bottom of the case and that there is a fan in the back that is included with the case.

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