Antec Lanboy Air Case

Antec Lanboy Air Case Antec Lanboy Air Case
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There is plenty of space around the motherboard when its mounted, and the motherboard fit is perfect except for the I/O plate provided but this is something they mention in the manual that it might not fit so use your I/O plate from the motherboard.

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Antec Lanboy Air Case Antec Lanboy Air Case
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In the front of the case they have mounted a small toolbox which can be hard to find so check the manual. Inside you will find screws, stands, etc that you need to mount the motherboard.

The airmounts are easy to mount on the drive and as you can see on the above picture. The one below they can be mounted three ways, with this feature you get a much cleaner case without cables going all over the case.

Antec Lanboy Air Case
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I found this case to be very nice and it sure suprised me with all of its features, this is the first time that I actually use the manual so I wont miss all the features.

I found it awesome that the case is modular and prepared for both tidy cables and for watercooling. The harddrives are mounted with airmounts that prevent vibration noise from the drives.

The only major con that I found was that the case has no fan filters, I don’t know how bad dust problems with be with this case since it has a open mesh type style case around it but I can for sure see a potential problem there.

The second problem was that the PCI-E addon card slots have a normal screw which means you need a screwdriver to add a card, so what I’m missing is thumbscrews.

Otherwise this is a kickass case that I can for sure recommend! You can pickup this case for around 180$ at Newegg.

Nice looking
+ Several colors
+ Silent
+ Modular
+ A lot of space

No fan filters
– PCI-E addon card slots have normal screws

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