Antec ISK600 Mini ITX Case

Antec ISK600 Mini ITX Case front

This case has a nice black finish and the front is clean with a few ports and a slot for the optical drive.

In the front you also have a USB 2 and 3 along with sound and a mic port. The reset and power button are also placed beside them.

Antec ISK600 Mini ITX Case ventilation

Since this is a tight case they have placed ventilation grills on each side of the case to increase the ventilation.

Antec ISK600 Mini ITX Case back

They have placed a 120mm fan in the back of the  case with fluid bearings to make it more silent.

You can add double addon cardsto this case and even fit up to a 12.5″(317.5mm) videocard.

Antec ISK600 Mini ITX Case inside

We can see that there is plenty of spaace for a mini itx motherboard in this case since the bottom is completely clean.

Something you have remember is that this case does not include a PSU-you have to buy it seperately!

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