Antec GX500 Case

Antec GX500 case bottom

There is a small ventilation grill on the bottom of the case with a small fan filter to prevent dust from getting into the case.

The cables hanging in the case you need to mount on your motherboard if you want the front ports to work.

Antec GX500 case accessories

As I mentioned earlier in the review there is a  small box with a bunch of accessories, like mounting screws, thumb screws, zip ties and such things.

Antec GX500 case motherboard

We can clearly see that there is plenty of space in the case even with the motherboard mounted, this means plenty of space for watercooling with the radiator in the top for example.



This is a nice little case that proves you can get a decent case for around 50-60$. It has pretty much all the features you need and even plenty of space if you are not building a killer gaming rig.

I love the clean look and everything was easy to mount without any issues.  The only flaw that I could find is that  the top fan grill looks a bit cheap. Enough said I will for sure recommend this case.

Clean look
+ Price
+ Size
+ Easy to mount

Top of the case


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