Antec GX500 Case

Antec GX500 Case front

As I mentioned in the unpacking video, the front has a clean look to it. You can see behind the grill that there is slots for two 120 mm fans along with the two 5.25 slots and a 2.5 floppy drive slot.

Antec GX500 Case top

The top is also equipped with a couple of fans; they have also made a plastic ventilation grill on top to get all the hot air out of the case. I personally would have liked a mesh type of grill better since it looks way better.

The fan grill is easy to remove  though so you get easy access to the fans.

Antec GX500 Case top

In the top they have placed two fan controllers, two USB3 ports, mic/headphone jacks and also the reset and power button.

Antec GX500 Case side

You might have noticed already that there is a lot of cooling features on this case and the left side is no different with a slot for another fan.

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