AMD Radeon 6790 (Barts LE)

Unigine Heaven:

AMD Radeon 6790

Like in most test so far, Radeon 6850 is a bit ahead of 6790. The difference between these two cards is about 100 points.

F1 2010:

With maximum details and 8xMSAA the game was quite unplayable with Radeon 6790 which resulted only 33fps. With the Radeon 6850 the game was smoother with minimum fps of 29 and average at 40. Both these cards can play this game at very good performance with slightly reduced MSAA.

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Power consumption:

AMD Radeon 6790

Because of the 6870 PCB in Radeon 6790, the power consumption is a bit higher in extreme conditions, Furmark stress test in this case. There is a 14W difference between 6790 and 6850. The results we have in the graph are the total power consumption of our test system. This graph indicates only the relative power consumption difference between these two cards. Measuring the absolute power consumption would require equipment we do not have.

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