AMD Radeon 6790 (Barts LE)

A couple of weeks ago AMD released its newest midrange graphics card called Radeon HD 6790. We got a change to get one of those in our test bench and we will take a look at it tonight. Let’s see what this card has to offer and how well it performs against similarly priced Radeon 6850.

About AMD:

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Process: 40nm
Transistors: 1.7B
Engine clock: 840MHz
Stream processors: 800
Compute performance: 1,34TFlops
Texture units: 40
Texture fillrate: 33,6GTexel/s
ROPs: 16
Pixel fillrate: 13,4GPixel/s
Z/Stencil: 53,8GSample/s
Memory Type: GDDR5
Memory clock: 1050MHz
Memory bus width: 256Bit
Memory data rate: 4,2Gbps
Memory bandwidth: 134,4GB/s
Load power consumption: 150W
Idle power consumption: 19W

The Product:

AMD Radeon 6790 AMD Radeon 6790
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Unlike most Radeon 6790’s out in the market, our sample unit is based in the reference design of AMD. Because our sample unit is not meant to be in the retail market, it doesn’t have any stickers in the heatsink and fan. All in all our card looks quite harsh in all honesty. As seen in the picture, most of the card is covered with plastic coating and the backend is covered with red radial cooler, which pushes the air through the heatsink towards the I/O shield which has holes so the air can go directly out of the case. Turning the card around reveals us, that backside is only full of SMD-components and all the interesting parts of the card are below the huge heatsink. Radeon 6790 is priced around 149$ in the United States and is also found in many shops in Europe with the pricetag of around 125€.

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AMD Radeon 6790 AMD Radeon 6790
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I/O-panel of our sample unit includes two DVI-connectors (one is DVI-only, the other one is DVI/VGA), one HDMI (rev 1.4) and two mini-displayports (rev 1.2). As mentioned before, the upper part of the I/O shield is open so the hot air can be vented directly out of the case. AMD has specced Radeon 6790 with the TDP value of 150W. This means that the card must have two PCI-E connectors as stated in the PCI-Express standard. Considering the expected performance rates of 6790, the 150W TDP value seems quite high as the more powerful 6850 has lower and is based in the same core.

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