AMD Phenom II X2 555 BE


Sisoft Sandra 2009, Multi Core:

AMD Phenom II 555 BE

In Sisoftware Sandra Multi Core test AMD Phenom gets beaten by Intel Core 2 Duo. However this is only one test program among our test sessions and may not represent the actual performance of the sample we have.

Sisoft Sandra 2009, Memory Latency:

AMD Phenom II 555 BE

Memory latency of AMD Phenom setup seems to be a tad lower than in Intel setup. The difference isn’t huge, but still it is there.

Pcmark Vantage:

AMD Phenom II 555 BE

In PcMark Vantage tests AMD won Intel’s processor with suprisingly high margin. With differences of over 1000 points the speed of AMD is awesome. As PCMark Vantage tries to replicate normal home and office use it’s great program to show how fast the processor actually is.


AMD Phenom II 555 BE

Phenom managed to compress 1000MB file over 20seconds faster than Intel counterpart. Impressive job!


AMD Phenom II 555 BE

We did the multithreaded test in Cinebench. Cinebench uses processor to render 3d images. The difference between Core 2 Duo E8400 and AMD Phenom II 555BE isn’t huge, but AMD wins with a small margin.

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